Monday, February 07, 2011

Nairn mother's fears that budget cuts will have huge impact on her son

"The mother of an autistic toddler fears local authority budget cuts will have a “devastating” impact on her son’s development.
Clare Anderson received a letter from First Steps Nursery in Nairn telling her she would not be able to apply for his funded position as Highland Council was cutting spending on childcare places for three and four-year-olds from August."
It seems there is no alternative for Clare in Nairn as other nurseries will not be able to offer the one-to-one care for her son. The cuts are going to hit the Andersons hard, her husband has just been paid off from the Council's garden maintenance squad. The reality of decisions being made at Glenurquhart Road by our Councillors are now beginning to bite.
She added: “It feels like the cuts are affecting us on all sides. The council says it wants to give more support and money back into services like these and then they go and do something like this."

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growtosow said...

talk about kicking someone when they are down,cutbacks at a cost to those folk that need it. were does it stop?