Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Local press review

The plight of the Classroom assistants hits the front page of the Nairnshire this week. Liz is quoted:
"They've just kicked this into touch until after the elections in May, It is postponing the inevitable."
More comment from Liz on the front page.
Lots inside the 16 page issue too, with another former Provost also making the headlines. Nigel Graham is concerned about the loss of local democracy in Nairn and wants to see decision making coming back to the town. Views there from Nigel that will be endorsed by many in the town.
Another common Good stushie between Graham Vine and the other Graham plus Laurie at the West CC meeting is to be found as well. The Common Good issues just won't go away will they? See the latest on page 5 of the Nairnshire.
Loreine Thomson of NRCG was in the thick of it at the River CC meeting last week too with tough questions for the planning consultant Robert Evans when he gave a presentation on his firms ideas for land at "Nairn South". There's a quote from Gordon's sawmill on how they see things developing around them in this area - see more on page 6.
Graham (Marsden) attacks Liz's thesis that the proposed Swimming Pool Closure was a 'red herring'. Oor LibDem (Condem?) mannie has a massive three column letter published this week outlining why he thinks Liz is wrong.
Ian Bain's editorial, like many other leaders and articles across the Highlands this week, zeros in on the Classroom Assistants and is entitled " Assault on Education 11"
"It seems to us almost unbelievable that a local authority could pull this radical idea out of a the hat only days before it sat down to make a lasting decision." Says Iain
Part two of Iain's editorial focuses on the Common Good issue. Not only the present poor state of the town's Common Good comes in for Iain's attention this week but he asks whether this is a problem that should also be looked at in a Scottish context.

Plenty more in the Nairnshire, we've just highlighted the articles that provoke the most interest here at Gurn HQ. 40p will still secure you a copy of the hallowed analogue device - why delay any longer if you haven't obtained one yet this week?

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Tez Watson said...

Iain Bain is quite right in suggesting the questionable Common Good setup throughout Scotland, the situation here in Forres is just as bad. The whole thing should be subject to a royal commission and the outcomes implemented fully, hopefully giving Common Good funds/assets the transparency they currently lack. They should be overseen by Trustees and ultimately by OSCR the Scottish Charities Regulator.