Tuesday, February 08, 2011

10 year old Zoe's petition to support Classroom Assistants going strong

The Courier reports:
"TEN-year-old primary pupil Zoe Atkinson, Kilravock Crescent, Nairn, has launched a campaign to save classroom assistants."
Also in the Courier news of a gagging order from Highland Council, they are trying to stop employees speaking out against the education cuts.


Anonymous said...

Well done to Zoe Atkinson, who like other young people in the Highlands are being TAUGHT to be confident to SPEAK UP when they see something that is not fair.
On the matter of 'gagging' I think the Council is OUT OF ORDER. The code of conduct does indeed have a statement referring to statements against the Council. However, the code of conduct wording is not and does not gag all employees all of the time. A Council employee cannot be compared with workers in GCHQ and the MOD (official secrets), like staff at RAF Lossiemouth .
How come Mr Fraser (Director of ECLS) did not send out his gagging email when there were proposals to cut the swimming pools - probably 'cos he proposed those cuts? So why now has the gagging email been sent out? Did he propose these cuts as well?
A big turn out at Council HQ on Thursday is needed in order to make the Councillors LISTEN to Zoe and all others. Councillors must OPPOSE this proposal in the interests of the education of the young (òige) people of the Highlands.

growtosow said...

what happened to freedom of speech?