Friday, February 25, 2011

Gurn candidate watch

The LibDem wifie has made another visit to Nairn. Obviously the LibDems feel that Nairn is fertile territority in the their not uncondsiderable task of aiming to knock popular Fergus off the topspot in May's election. This observer has come across one or two former LibDems who have vowed never to vote for them again however, so Christine Jardine's visits could be all in vain. Has anyone noticed anything from any of the other candidates in the forthcoming Holyrood election? At least "CJinverness" (why no mention of Nairn in the twitter handle Christine?) is putting in a respectable amount of time in the area. Should you be a LibDem , you can follow her on twitter


Brian @ said...

The LibDems certainly aren't popular for their position in government at the moment, but I doubt anyone would be popular in government right now.

What the LibDems are doing, entirely to their credit, is keeping a check on Conservative cuts so that there are protections put in place for the lowest earners. A Conservative-only government I doubt would have such concerns.

Labour - well, they're discredited for the time being. Tony Blair was a charismatic liar, Gordon Brown an uncharismatic bumbler, and Milliband isn't even sure what his policies should be.

Ironically, it's the LibDems who are taking the stick helping clean up after Labour while tempering Conservative policy to be less unfair.

No winners in the game, but I find it sad that so many are focused on the LibDems as losers.


Anonymous said...

Ironically, given that this article concerns a Scottish Parliament election, makes no mention of the SNP! I doubt there would be much chance of a conservative only government in Scotland this time round or any time soon.

Brian @ said...

Simply commenting on the overall politics of the UK, as there are a number of elections coming up in May, not just Scottish Parliament elections.

Is there are any particular reason why I must mention the SNP when discussing criticisms of the LibDems? :)