Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Highland Council: a third of the grounds staff went but all the managers were kept on!

"When the Grounds went out, we lost a third of the staff but we kept all our managers. Six managers just got reassigned other jobs at the same time and I just thought how can we lose a third of our grounds staff and keep all our managers. And now they just call them contract managers or else they’re performance managers. "
Liz* speaking at the River Community Council meeting earlier this evening in the Community Centre.
* Just a reminder for the non-regulars that Liz is Councillor Liz MacDonald, former Provost and indefatigable campaigner for the citzens of Nairnshire.


The Grim Reaper said...

This confirms what people have suspected since the start of the debate. Highland Council launched alarmist stories about closing pools, libraries etc in order to divert people's attention.

Then - as predicted - they "saved" these facilities, while slashing savagely at parts of the education and maintenance budgets.

Meanwhile, throughout this process, no sign of cuts to the bloated bureaucracy and management structure in Glenurquhart Road. Liz MacDonald is right to highlight this cynical and shameful policy.

Graisg said...

To be fair, Sandy said management was taking a hit too, no doubt we'll see by how much in comparsion with the bottom grades. Were there red herrings or is there just simply a lot of alarm and confusion at Glenurquhart Road? Already conflicting stories are coming out about a change of heart on the Classroom assistants.
A last minute attack of nerves for some of the Administration councillors?
The dead tree media will no doubt be in aboot the fine detail tomorrow seeing who's going down the road and what their paygrades are.