Monday, February 28, 2011

Nairnshire Telegraph review - The Single Council for Nairn edition - Iain Bain makes comparison between Highland Council and Gadaffi.

A front page spread, two lengthy letters and an editorial on the issue of the Single Council for Nairn, this week's Nairnshire is a must. The Gurn is obviously not alone in thinking that the machinery of Highland Council is out to deny the residents of Nairn the chance of having a Royal Burgh of Nairn Community Council to fight for us instead of three community councils covering very odd and inconsistent parts of the town and thus preventing Nairn from having a united voice. The Highland Council contend that there is "no evidence of strong community support for change" in Nairn for a single council, a position that goes against any past soundings of public opinion.

Iain Bain in this week's edition compares the attitude of Highland Council with that of the Libyan Dictator:

"This is political practice more like Col Gaddafi's than anything we are used to in the Highlands and it really is quite unworthy."

Why won't our councillors let the people decide - does divide and rule suit them? Read all about it in the Nairnshire. If you care about the future of Nairn then this week's local paper is essential reading. Find out about what is going down on this issue.

After Inverness, Nairn is the second biggest built up area in the Highlands and it needs more say in its own affairs. Time for a revolution against Inverness rule?


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