Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Flats on Lodgehill Clinic - decision deferred for site visit

Yesterday the Inverness Nairn Badenoch and Strathspey Planning Committee agreed that there should be a site visit to the Clinic site before making a decision about the application. A decision still to be made then and hopefully once the members of the committee see the site for themselves they will insist on a smaller building being built there.


APTSec said...

Web cast of meeting now on THC web site with Cllr Macdonald asking for plannign meeting to be held in Nairn. Other Nairn apps also

Graisg said...

Tried to look at that last night but it asked me to install stuff I'd never heard of before. Might go back in a quiet moment.
One of the usual suspects was watching it live online and tells the Gurn that it suddenly wasn't online.
Let's hope for a wise decision on this one, those flats are just too many in that spot. The residents are not against development, they just want something more in keeping. That's what it should all be about really.

Anonymous said...

Is this anothwer case for a big tirnout at the site visit - like the one for the site visit in respect of the proposed development at the Viewfield?
Seems to me the Planning officials are calling this one wrong. The Councillors are the only ones who can bring about a sensible outcome - less intensive that is more in keeping with this location.

Maida comment said...

I agree with Anon. The more people who show their concern, the better. Hard to imagine that councillors will support it once they see how many flats the developer wants to get on that small site and how tall and close to the road the blocks will be. And of course how they want to take over the road for parking spaces!