Sunday, March 27, 2011

Co-op prices - complaints in Skye - they want Tescos

Here in Nairn Co-op rule will soon be coming to an end with help from Sainsbury's but in another part of the Highlands the locals are still campaigning for more choice. On Skye there is a campaign to bring Tesco to the island. The BBC reports:

"Resident Alasdair Macleod sometimes brings shopping more than 100 miles (161km) from the nearest big supermarket in Inverness.
He told me: "I was there at the weekend and did a big shop because you go to the Co-op and spend a fortune.
"You can do a big shop in Inverness and you've got a big basket and you notice there's maybe £40 or £50 difference." More on the BBC site.

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Nairnac said...

It's a strange modern phenomenon this move towards communities demanding a certain supermarket come to town.
There's something not quite right with the whole concept of it(and I'm speaking as pro-Nairn Sainsburys advocate (but with reservations)).
I can't quite put my finger on it, but can only best describe it as a bit of a black swan phenomenon....if you know what I Ida -Amin.