Wednesday, March 23, 2011

LibDem Flashback

This observer was rummaging around at the bottom of the kindling box today and came across something that was filed away for fire lighting material back in 2007. The leaflet had the usual kind of LibDem poses with oor Graham featuring heavily as part of 'A strong team for Nairnshire'. Do you think the LibDems have been strong for Nairnshire? Over the last four years more and more power seems to have dripped away in the direction of Inverness. The LibDems claim to be against centralisation yet their administration seems to be very Invercentric when it comes to Nairn.

Craig Harrow received 27.7% of the vote in the constituency overall and upped the LibDem vote by 11.5%. Fergus's vote was up by 10% as well however and the LibDem hopeful remained just that. This time round the LibDems have another candidate and what's the betting that her share of the vote will go down by at least 11% across the constituency? The LibDems seem to be the party to dislike at the moment and here in Nairnshire this observer feels there may also be some payback for the LibDem involvement in sacking popular provost Liz MacDonald. The picture will enlarge a little.

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