Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Fun Poll - no support for the LibDems?

There is quite a lot of support for the SNP in Gurnshire, but in this sort of poll in the past there has been quite a bit of support for the LibDems as well. As one commentator said perhaps SNP supporters are the only ones with the enthusiasm to participate but one wonders if this just might be a slight indication that the Barnsley Lib-Dem melt-down might have a significant aftershock in the Highlands? A poll in Wales has the LibDems and UKIP on equal pegging, here in Gurnshire the Greens, UKIP and LibDems are all nearly level too. Might that be how it pans out at the real ballot box here? Of course that ballot in May is the only poll that matters and we await that result with interest.

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