Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nairn traffic - the future is red?

The three-way temporary lights at the junction of Moss-side Road with the A96 will not be as bad as the ones that will be installed here once the work is completed but given that Nairn will get another three sets on top of this one and the existing lights, then perhaps the three-way queues building up here are a taste of what is to come?

Further down the west-bound queue the trunk road contractors were busy installing what looks like an improved pedestrian crossing.


Nairnac said...

Is that a pedestrian crossing which will help schoolkids crossing the main road at the entrance to the Academy ?
Very sensible if it is, and badly needed since the council sacked the lollipop man to help pay for their own wages, expenses and vanity projects.
But will it have gaelic instructions I wonder ?

Anonymous said...

Overpriced Sainsburys was always going to bring traffic queues.

Anonymous said...

Overpriced Sainsbury's, overpriced Co-op? At least when Sainsbury's do open we'll have a bit more choice of overpriced goods then!

Anonymous said...

Sainsburys is only expensive if you forget your shopping list, because their produce is so high quality you'll always want to buy things you didn't go there for.
I know I've done it!

Anonymous said...

we have traffic queues now, and there is no have Sainsburys.