Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Liz calls for joint Community Council meetings – “The Ward Forum is not for local issues now, it’s hijacked!”

Liz contributed on the debate on the way forward for Nairn’s Community councils at the Suburban CC on Wednesday night. She called for the three existing councils to have joint meetings during the months of April, May and June. She told the meeting:

”I used to think that the Ward Forum was where all the community councils came together and we could discuss local issues but it is pretty apparent to me now that that is just a vehicle for the Highland Council. Maybe you as Community Councillors could say to River and West let’s have our next three months meetings together. It shouldn’t be that difficult, you are all meeting on a Tuesday or Wednesday night and I’m sure you could have joint meetings. The Ward Forum is not for local issues anymore it’s hijacked!”

John Mackie and his fellow suburban councillors welcomed Liz’s intervention and he spoke of how the community councils outside Nairn should be involved as well and how they supported a single council for Nairn as a strong council in Nairn could back them. He said, “There is no reason we can’t meet together and have a joint agenda.”

This observer welcomes Liz’s statement, once again she has shown herself to be on the ball and in step with public opinion. Highland Council has its own agenda – the interests of Highland Council do not always dovetail with what is best for Nairn. Nairn people need to make decisions for Nairn – we can’t leave it to a Council based in Inverness.

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