Monday, March 07, 2011

Fun Poll - how will Gurnshire vote in the May election for the Scottish Parliament?

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Screaming Lord Sutch II said...

Iam a little bit disapointed with you Graisg you forgot to mention The Loch Ness Raving Loony Club please can you ask all Gurnites to support us at the local elections Sreaming Lord Sutch II

Jim said...

Perhaps only the politically enthusiastic SNP supporters can raise the energy to record their choice here.

Let's face it, the Conservatives, Labour, and LibDem canvassers have little to cheer about when they face the local voters. Events at Holyrood and Westminster have overtaken them.

The SNP, on the other hand, can point to a successful term as Scotland's first minority Government.

Well, they survived, didn't they? Despite frequent media reports of their impending demise.

Not sure they actually made much progress, but it's certainly a start.

Graisg said...

Tend to agree Jim, Gurnshire seems to be an inassailable SNP fortress so far if this poll is anything to go by.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me what exactly SNP have done for Nairn, I must have missed it........

Anonymous said...

SNP Labour Libs OR Cons
none of these prties have done anything for Nairn, thats why the poll is always such a low turnout no one CARES WHO GETS IN BECAUSE IT WONT MAKE A SINGLE BIT OF DIFFERENCE until we get rid of the present government, they've cut everything it be our throats, we won't notice though, because in Nairn we're gald of any attention from the powers that be or not to be that is the question we should be asking.. NOW

Jim said...

Dear Anonymous 2

Now this is where we have a problem.

At Holyrood, the SNP have survived a term, albeit by doing nothing controversial.
Scottish Labour has had a series of leadership issues since the first Holyrood elections, which haven't endeared them to the voters. Despite that, they'll probably get a majority this year.
Scot LibDem didn't improve their electability by two terms of coalition with Labour. They have lost much support through it.
The others - Tories, UKIP, Greens etc. have no influence on forming the next Scottish Government.

But, you say, at Westminster we need to get the Coalition out.

Tell us, why did Labour lose the General Election?

Why did the Tories get more votes and more seats than Labour?

Probably because of the deficiencies of Blair and Brown - with hindsight, two men totally unsuited for government office.

Two foreign wars, mass immigration, uncontrolled banks, wrongly directed FSA, running a deficit budget in the good years because they had abolished boom and bust, total ignorance of the details of how American mortgages work (not a bit like the British system), misuse of the RPI/CPI indices to fudge minimal interest rates leading to a false and illusory housing price boom which now keeps 50% of British from buying a house at all, all these things led to Scottish and other banks reaching failure point.

Under Labour, the country ran up massive debts. The Tory/LibDem Coalition is trying to reduce the country's overwhelming borrowing by reducing spending.

Labour, if re-elected, would have introduced equally savage cuts.

Some, like Ed Balls, deny this. 'Let's spend our way out of recession' he says. Not necessarily a good plan, if you don't have any money.

So, Anonymous 2, if you could get the Tories out of Westminster, who would you put in charge?

Do you want to bring back Blair and Brown?

Anonymous said...

they got more seats because people wrongly believed they were getting something better...simple