Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Marine Road Cludgie no more?

Perhaps you can judge how civilised a society is by the amount of public toilets it provides they tend to stop people just p****** in the street for example.

The Press and Journal reports: "Highland Council is proposing to close 14 public toilets and restrict the opening times of nearly a dozen more as part of cost-cutting measures." More here.

Marine Road is on the hit list. Again decisions affecting Nairn will be taken in Inverness. This observer believes a tourist town should hang on to all its public toilets - I wonder if Sandy and his administration colleagues would agree?


Talking pish said...

There was no problem in getting money from The Highland Council regarding The Golf Tournament to be held at Castle Stewart Golf Coarse but are happy for the locals & visitors in various towns in The Highlands to have to keep their legs crossed due to the closure of toilet facilities,
do the Big Jobbies in office not know this will threaten the docken leaves growing wild through
out The Highlands, we should have more toilets in the area & get members of The House of Lords to officialy open them as most are well known peers.

Anonymous said...

The Marine Road toilet is the one where us locals can go during the summer season when all the tourists have made a mess of the toilets near the swings ! Public toilets may not be high on most people's agenda but when you've got young children they are essential.

Anonymous said...

Is this the beginning of the Highland council looking for the "Big Society" to kick in? Maybe they want us to step forward and take them on say as a charity begins at home issue!! Or maybe we should just adopt it.

Graisg said...

Either that or leave buckets in the bushes for users of the leisure park?

Nairnac said...

Now I'm completely confused !

Can anyone elighten me as to who actually received this dough then ?
If no-one else wants it, I'll have it, and I'll organise a 'Farewell to the Putting Green Bog' Putting Competition at the links in the summer to justify it. The winner will receive the right to have the ceremonial last use of the loos before HC shut the door for good. I'll also ask the HC for a representative to 'do the honours' for the winner. I'm sure they'll be delighted to oblige.

Nairnac said...

I'm even more confused now - I thought I'd responded to the post about the Cooncil's generous contribution to the Tiger Woods matrimonial legal defence and retirement fund, but it ends up on the Marine Road Cludgie section in 'redacted' form !!!