Friday, March 25, 2011

More on Balmakeith

We'd hoped to have a video ready last night but a few technical problems (centering around a full hard-drive) means that will have to wait a wee while, later today perhaps. The Courier today carries a picture of Sandy (with spade) and a few quotes from the Convener himself plus Liz and Laurie. There's one quote from Sandy that this observer thinks will find agreement and displeasure in equal measure:

"It's up to the other shopkeepers of Nairn to come up to the game and be part of a new Nairn."
UDATE - article on the P&J site with quotes from David Brownless and Ali Asher.

Pictures from yesterday here.


Spurtle said...

Spurtle couldn't make the big event, his slingbacks were unsuitable for the ground conditions :)

Perhaps the ex-butcher turned apparatchik could offer some advice as to how the small independent traders in Nairn ( or for that matter, any other town in the UK) can 'come up to the game'

While there as some shops than need to realise we're in the 21st century, I think that a lot of businesses do try hard,and provide good products and service at competitive prices.

As most other towns bear witness, there's not a whole lot of evidence that the arrrival of an out of town store does anything to benefit, or even maintain a viable town centre. Nairn may prove the exception but it will be an almost unique exception if it does.

In Sainsbury's case, I suppose the town is lucky. Any grocer, baker or butcher is only having to deal with one of the smaller supermarket operators, with a measly £20 billion turnover.

There is no doubt we needed a new supermarket. What we don't need are trite soundbites from Councillors who really should know better.

On a more interesting note, hidden in the Inverness Courier report of the event,news that it is only the supermarket that is being built at the moment. The contentious non-food units are to follow, as and when there is demand.

Graisg said...

@Nairnac, would suggest you e-mail Sandy and ask him yourself :-)