Monday, March 28, 2011

A single Community Council for Nairn - the debate continues

More on the Single Community Council debate (it would be a town council really wouldn't it? - and give Nairn a say against the Invercentrics) in this week's Nairnshire. Iain Bain reports from the West CC meeting last week and there is a little hope that another meeting coming up soon might take things forward.

Mary Scanlon, in a letter in this week's paper also mentions the Single Community Council issue. She is basically replying to a letter written by oor Sandy which appeared in the local paper on the 15th of this month. Sandy was out to 'correct a number of assertions made' in the MSP's recent survey and on the Single CC issue he said:

"It is interesting to note that out of 700 responses (8% of the local population) there is no support for a single Community Council."

Well Mrs Scanlon clarifies this, and to this observer rightly states the blindingly obvious: "The survey did not have a question relating to an single Community Council, therefore it was rarely commented on."

How could a survey that didn't ask the question show that there is no support for a Single CC? There you are citizens, when will the Highland Council let the people of Nairn decide what sort of democratic vehicle they wish to organise their town with? In the meantime what do you think of the poll on the Gurn, Sandy? Interesting? It does ask the question clearly. Support for a single CC is presently at 72%?

How about a more scientific ballot across Nairn or do we have to wait to make it a major issue at the Council elections in May 2012?

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