Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Mill Road site in the mid-eighties

Currently the vacant site on Mill Road is being transformed into allotments. Maybe Gurnites would like a quick trip down memory land to see a couple of pictures that show the railway bridge across the river in the mid to late eighties. This was when trains on the Aberdeen were still trains and had a locomotive to pull the carriages instead of the cramped bus-like vehicles that come and go these days. There was never any trouble getting a bicycle into the large guard's vans, no need to pre-book, you just had to turn up and that was it.
Anyway two interesting pictures are available here and here on railway enthusiast Lee Ayling's Flickr pages. In the first image the Council garden squad's shed and greenhouse can clearly be seen plus some cultivated land.

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growtosow said...

it would be good to see more photos of this site if anyone had some, also some of the viewfield site as well.