Monday, March 07, 2011

Lodgehill Clinic flats application to be held in Nairn?

If the planning committee have to come to Nairn for a site visit it makes sense for them all to pop along to the Courthouse and make their decision there. That would give the forty or so objectors and other interested Nairnites the chance to pop along. That surely would be local democracy at work?

Graham Marsden seems to have a wee problem with the idea of Nairn applications being heard in Nairn however, he's worried that it wouldn't get web casted. This is what he has to say on twitter:

"SNP councillor Liz MacDonald requested Nairn planning apps be heard in Nairn - so wouldn't be webcast and archived for viewing by Nairnites."

Fair enough Graham, but for Lodgehill Clinic if you don't have the resources to make a video of the meeting, the Gurn offers to do it for you (Big Society style) and put it on Utube. Meanwhile Liz has replied with her thoughts on Graham's thoughts with two new messages:"

"I remember the day when Highland Council was deliver locally and not the centralised Liberal/Labour administration we have now ;-( "

"@cllrgsvmarsden I asked Lodgehill application be held in Nairn so local people could be present. Web casting should be possible in each area"

The Gurn has jumped in with a wee tweet too:

"@cllrgsvmarsden If the resources are not available the Gurn offers to video the Lodgehill decision (Big Soc Style) and put it on Utube :-)"

Liz on twitter
Graham on twitter


Brian @ said...

Don't be daft, Graisg - video it and put it for free online? No doubt the HC are paying through the nose for Fujitsu to cover this already. :)

However, when the IT contract comes back up for renewal, could be worth us tendering to provide local IT services on a community/volunteer basis under the stewardship of a Royal Burgh of Nairn community council. :)

Graisg said...

Just got a copy of the Nairnshire Brian. It is official, no webcast facility so no meeting, even though the councillors are all coming here for a site visit.
Crazy but true.