Saturday, March 12, 2011

Highland Council to give another 198K to Housing Expo?

A report going to a council meeting next week recommends giving another £198,000 to the Housing Expo.

The BBC reports on its site:

"The local authority's planning, environment and development committee on Wednesday will be asked to approve the £198,000.

Officers have said the funds could come from the planning and development service budget through projected underspends elsewhere in the budget."

Projected underspends hey - how about a few shillings being spent on a couple of planning meetings from Nairn for important issues like the Lodgehill Clinic then? With all the spare underspend cash that must be sloshing around in the planning coffers surely Highland Council could manage that?

You can read the article on the BBC here the council agenda is here and the paper that makes the recommendation is here. The Gurn will not be taking comments on this, it just seems too crazy to be true.