Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green Dad's Allotment excitement

Green Dad tells it like it was last night in the Waverly Hotel as thirty plus individuals met to discuss the progress of the Mill Road site. Nairn Allotment Society, with the help of Highland Council and Leader funding are well ahead with their plans and the site should be open early in April.

The Society now administer three sites, Sandown, Mill Road and a 'secret' garden just off the High Street but already with all places now taken at Mill Road they are looking ahead and want to work with developers, landowners etc to provide more allotment areas around the town and beyond and in any new schemes that spring up too.

Here's Green Dad's excellent report of the meeting and here's the Society's site. If you would like to be on the waiting list or generally join in with campaigning for more allotments in Nairnshire then send them your details.

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growtosow said...

not long now and the plotholders will get on the site, the paths were being done today, a happy growing season to them all.