Monday, February 07, 2011

Late night local press review

It's all about the cuts on the front page of the Nairnshire, read all the latest in the weekly paper about how parents have been responding to threats to cut the teaching assistants and First Step Nursery. Liz has been assisting the parents in their fight and there is comment from her. Iain Bain's also attacks the nature and raison d'être of the cuts too.

There's a picture of Labour MSP David Stewart this week, he wants councillors to think again about the cuts - well Mr Stewart, those cuts have your party's name on them just as much as the LibDems and Independents on the council. You want to make a change? Well instruct your Labour colleagues on the council to vote against the administration and find other ways of balancing the books that don't affect primary education so badly. You got your picture in the paper now go and do something for Nairn. Try putting real pressure on through the Labour Party apparatus. Voters will remember who proposed the cuts and who passed them when it comes to the parties looking for votes in May.
More NICE stuff in the Nairnshire, River Community Council's plans for the town centre and lots more this week.


Anonymous said...

The reason for the CUTS (raison detre) is down to the strategy of the CON-DEM government who are implementing severe public cuts in a very short timescale. Talk of a double-dip and a long recovery will mean nothing to those people and their families who are under threat of redundancy.
I urge people to sign the on-line petition against these CUTS/REDUNDANCIES.
The Councillors need to be given a LOUD Warning Message - NO CUTS in jobs are acceptable.

Anonymous said...

Can you not post who has popped there clogs each week then it would save me having to buy the nairny lol.

Graisg said...

No plans to move into BMD, stick with the Nairnshire.

40p said...

There's more to life than death as the contents of The Nairnshire Telegraph show us each week

Pop into the library if you're too mean to buy your own copy anon

Anonymous said...

I am from Nairn but i do not live there!