Friday, February 04, 2011

Bookies no more

Scotscoup on the High Street shuts its doors. Below the sign on the door a mosaic design on the floor hints of a long forgotten change in the life-cycle of these premises.


Jim said...

The recession is really biting when bookies close down!

I would be interested to hear - when did Greenlees and Sons operate from the premises? Were they a chain operation, and what did they sell or do there?

Anonymous said...

Greenlees & Sons was a shoe shop
who had branches through out Britain.

Lord Ealan Donan Macrath said...

Greenlees were a Gents And Ladies shoe fitters shop where you could buy new shoes and get repairs done they were a Company owned firm way back

Anonymous said...

After Greenlees it became Easiefit, another shoe shop.