Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Target: Sandy Park

A vigorous campaign to save the National Centre for Excellence in Traditional Music, based at Plockton High School has kicked off and as the petition web page states it's target is Sandy Park.

You can view/sign the petition here. No doubt we will see much much more of this as the cuts get underway. This observer feels that this particular campaign has the potential to go international and become quite a cause célèbre.

UPDATE: in less than 24 hours the petition to Sandy has attracted over 2,100 signatures and the international dimension is represented by Japan, France, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, Thailand and Holland. This is one cut that will be noticed way beyond the Highlands.

UPDATE: Looks like Sandy could be serenaded into the Council Buildings next week for the cuts meeting (10th). Here's a message that appeared on Facebook:

"As you'll all know, the council meet next Thursday to decide on whether this proposal will go ahead. The current pupils at Plockton are planning on a session in Inverness as well, outside the council buildings. As long as we're not on the council ground or block the road we aren't breaking any law so bring your instruments along on Thursday next week! Will keep you's all posted with times and things!"

Here's where you can find the Facebook group.

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Anonymous said...

It's target is Sandy Park...

Sure that apostrophe should be there ??