Friday, June 28, 2013

Debt decision - Michael Green's view - "closure to the Sandown saga"

Michael told the Gurn: ‘The Highland Council decision to write off the £390,000 debt was a tremendous outcome for Nairn its Common Good Fund and all four local councillors. 

In my opinion, this now brings closure to the Sandown saga and will allow the Nairn Common Good Fund to move on and become the benefactor to Nairn it was always intended to be. 

Yesterday’s vote was thirty four in favour and twenty nine against, with four abstentions. 

 Liz and Colin did a tremendous job in securing five votes from their SNP colleagues, but it was the twenty six independent councillors who supported me and ensured that Nairn won the day. 

This once again proves the value of non political independent councillors who were free to make up their own minds.. 

At recent independent group meetings, I ensured that Nairn Common Good fund was always on the agenda and with so many of the experienced councillors well, versed in the history of Sandown, it was always a vigorous and lively debate.

However, I am delighted that twenty six out of the twenty seven independents councillors supported Nairn  and ensured we won the day’

The Gurn has been looking at the figures and believes the Labour and LibDem groups on Highland Council voted for the other motion which would have seen Nairn Common Good hit for the full £734,000 but would be delighted to hear from any reds or yellows out there who have information to the contrary. 


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Aye it was an interesting vote right enough! It was great of Michael and Laurie to rally the Council's Opposition forces.
Michael's interpretation of the value of independent-minded Councillors is a tad economic.
With the 3 Party Leaders backing one option, the Opposition did what it says on their political tin methinks - Oppose.
Whatever the politics - with a small "p" or a large "P" - lets agree it was Team Nairn at its best.