Saturday, June 01, 2013

Highland Council members expenses 2012/13 - what have Liz, Colin, Laurie and Michael earned/claimed?

The details are available on this document on the Highland Council site.


Anonymous said...

Well that was a waste of £1,725,860.

Anonymous said...

overpaid,over rated,and not worth the money,we scrimp and save,we are just sheep,letting them off with it.if they are so committed to the job,let them do it on the minimum wage,i bet most of them would be off

Anonymous said...

I just love how such topics bring out the best from the gurners.

Always know how to do the job better, for less money of course, but ask them to get involved in running our town at any level and they stay rooted firmly behind their keyboards

Anonymous said...

This town of Nairn is full of moaning minnies who have nothing better to do but winge all the time its their full time hobby & pass time & feel its compulsory, what a sad lot they are & its the only moaning that seems to make them happy.

Always look on the bright side of life, beedoo beedoo beedoo bedoo beedoo !!!!!!