Saturday, June 29, 2013

The changing fortunes of Nairn High Street - DE Shoes no more but elsewhere another shop coming soon

Sadly the last day of DE shoes but the staff can still manage a smile for the camera. Happily, the three ladies in the picture told the Gurn that they had all found new jobs to go to. And up the street in the premises formerly know as Atmosphere there is a promise of a new beginning for that particular shop.


cobblers said...

I wish Fastfix well. Shame you won't be able to actually buy any shoes on the High Street for them to repair.

And who fixes anything these days, aren't we just a throw away society?

Anonymous said...

fastfix ?? we need more hairdresser's ok im bald but that's not the point !

Anonymous said...

no need for a shoe shop in Nairn now,i take all my shoes for repair to the local church,,it says on the board outside

Jim said...

There's a FastFix branch on Forres High Street, between Boots and the Tolbooth, which has been there a few years now.

It was refitted recently. It's clean, smart and tidy, with some useful services to offer. Highly recommended.

Unfortunately, Forres High Street isn't doing very well overall. Some empty shops, quick turnover of others, and a reducing amount of footfall.

That's one of the side effects of putting a by-pass around your town. That and having Tesco and Lidl in town but not on the High Street.

Be interesting to see if Nairn can do better.