Monday, June 17, 2013

Next Generation Broadband in Nairn - has it enhanced your life?

The Gurn is happy to publish the following request:

Next Generation Broadband
Do you live or work in Nairn and have access to Next Generation Broadband (NGB)? How has it enhanced your life or work online? Highlands and Islands Enterprise is carrying out a review of broadband services in the Nairn area and would like to hear from you. Please contact Paul Riddell of Platform PR on or phone 01595 697296.

Regular readers will be au fait with the reasons why the whole of Nairn hasn't got superfast yet - details on this Gurn article.   


Anonymous said...

Many Nairnites would like to have normal broadband!

Dial up said...

I'm astounded that we're being asked as to how the partial BT fibre roll out changed our lives when it bypassed many folk including businesses on the High Street

This has been highlighted to HIE when a roadshow was held at Nairn earlier this year, but was met with a shrug of the shoulders and 'ask BT' when I raised the question as to why the fibre provision was partial

I appreciate that the Highlands offers challenges to some services, however I now understand that certain areas of Inverness will now not get fibre for no apparent technical reasons

Next Generation, well maybe it will be before all of us get it

AuldSkater said...

To be honest, BT can't even roll out decent connections in places less challenging than the highlands.

I'm based just outside of a major English city and have a connection of 512Kbs, which is regularly down.


Anonymous said...

Aside from the grumbling, for those who do have it, it's fantastic. I work from home, and connect to our company intranet and servers, and can access large files in a couple of seconds, the same goes for uploading documents onto client bid servers. Couldn't have done it effectively before, totally empowered.

RobC said...

Dial up -

As I mentioned in the comments for the linked post, there is a technical reason as to why the High Street does not have Fibre to the Cabinet. This is because the High Street premises are cabled directly to the exchange without an intermediate street cabinet on the route.

Because the broadband equipment is housed in the street cabinet and not the exchange, those premises that do not have a cabinet cannot currently have FTTC broadband. As far as I am aware, this is something that is being worked on by both BT themselves and also TalkTalk with a view to being able to put the relevant vDSL kit into the exchange as well, which would allow the exchange-only premises to be able to receive FTTC.

You should also be aware that BT are working on being able to offer Fibre to the Premises which would allow download speeds of up to 300Mbits, and this would only require proximity to a fibre node, of which there will be one installed under the High Street in one of BT's ducts, however this may still take another year or two to be available.