Thursday, June 20, 2013

Local Councillor gets involved in the comedy business

Michael Green tells the Gurn that his “Wildnight” comedy shows will be a logical business extension from his established activities. He plans to have at least half a dozen regular comedy nights across the Highlands if the pilot show is successful. The comedians are all top acts booked with through the Gilded Balloon venue in Edinburgh.  See details on the poster in the side bar or head to the Wildnight facebook page for further details.

 Comedy fan Michael would also like to eventually see a comedy festival added to Nairn’s yearly programme of events. The first show will be in Nairn Community and Arts Centre on the evening of Friday the 26th of July and will also travel to Portree, Michael’s business initiative is a joint enterprise with one of his fellow Councillors, John Gordon.

Michael told us there will be two free tickets (value £30) awarded to the winner of a best joke competition, to enter just head to the Wildnight facebook page and submit your joke via the social network page.


Anonymous said...

isn't there enough comedians in the council without looking to recruit more

taking the michael said...

So the exploding beer tent at last years Games Day was just an act? It certainly brought the house down! Boom boom

Anonymous said...

I think this comedy idea would be good for the community, good old jolly laughter by the sea (weather permitting). I hope the candidates in mind are strong willed, coz some Nairn folk can be hard to crack at the best of Times. (x factor and the voice move over, Nairn is instigating the lighten up factor

Anonymous said...

I will get the rotten eggs and tomatoes ready