Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Miscellany - County moment coming up at the Classroom today

Nairn County fans will be heading up to the Classroom this afternoon for the player of the year awards. Donald Wilson posted on the fans We Believe page:

 "Right guys and gals, Saturday afternoon (June 29th) if you are free. All invited to the Classroom for the NCFC Player of the Year Awards. Peter asked me to get the message out to all fans. Great opportunity to congratulate the players for their efforts last year. Kick off is 3.25pm for 3.30pm."

And from the Westies meeting on Wednesday night: they have £1,198.76 in the kitty and voted to splash some cash in having a pair of offending sea-gulls removed from McLean Court; they debated the gulls for part of the meeting, Gurnites will be familiar with much of this kind of debate. If you are new to the Gurn however, just type in seagulls into the Gurn search box and you will soon be up to date with the situation concerning seagulls in Nairn. 

Seonaid Armstrong who has served this incarnation of the West Community Council as Secretary from the beginning (4 years in total) has decided to step down from the post and this was announced at Wednesday's AGM.. The Westies now begin their search to find a suitable replacement. Seonaid will continue in her role as a Community Councillor however in order to continue her input into local affairs and comment on serveral issues that concern to her. 

Rosemary stated that "the High Street is becoming dismal" and she went on: "I think if everybody takes responsibility for their shop and their shop frontage, their pavement, the whole place would look a lot better." More Westie news and some details from the meeting of the Subbies too if time permits this weekend. 

Are there any budding writers out there aged 16-25, the Scottish Sun has launched a competition to find a new columnist, details are available here.  If the Sun doesn't want you however you could always write something for the Gurn, we cannot pay the same rates - in fact we can't pay anything but low-key parochial fame is guaranteed. 

Thanks to Murray MacRae for the above picture of a seal pup that was stranded on the beach near the harbour on Thrusday. Onlookers were quite concerned and the Gurn understands a call was made to an animal welfare organisation. Sometimes it is hard to know if an animal is injured or simply merely confused and disorientated..Hopefully there was a happy ending to this situation. 


Anonymous said...

I don't know about this particular seal but I worked at a marine mammal rescue center out in Canada. During birthing season for harbour seals (which was typically June-August time out there), a lot of young seal pups can be found on the shores.
While it is worth calling the SSPCA to inform them, humans and particularly animals should be kept at a distance unless instructed to do so otherwise by a wildlife organisation.

More often than not the mum's are out foraging for food and leave the pups onshore as they don't have the energy to spend all their time in the water yet. The main cause for concern is if it appears to have visible injuries or had been seen for over 24hrs without an adult around, usually though they are perfectly healthy and mum is just waiting offshore for the humans to leave. Most young pups will look quite skinny looking until they put on weight as they wean onto fish.

Hope this helps anyone that may comes across them in the future!

Anonymous said...

i was just going to say that (as above). leave it alone!