Monday, June 17, 2013

River CC help for purchasing Millbank School football strips

At their regular meeting last week, Chair Tommy read out a letter  from the coach of the Millbank football teams, seeking financial help for the purchase of two strips. The school have both a boys and a girls team and the present kit is getting into a poor state - a new outfit for both teams would cost £520. The letter stated: "In today's financial climate, funding for such extras are in short supply."

Speaking in favour of a donation Andrew Purkis said: "Parents are continuously asked to help schools with donations. I think in the present climate there have been many people struggling financially. I think we should help out, especially if we can help the girls because I'm all for girls getting into these sports which is a male dominated area."

The River folkies voted unanimously in favour of donating £150 to Millbank. Anyone in Gurnshire with a bit of spare cash could  maybe contact Millbank if they too wish to help? 

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Clarence said...

It would be (Nice)if the other Nairn Community Councils in Nairn helped with this as well not just Riverside Community Council making a donation of £150 which doesent cover the full cost. These children need to be encouraged in taking part in sport but people seem to be throwing there money else where.