Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Miscellany

The latest on the Sandown issue (surely a curse handed down from the last Highland Council administration?) can be found in three Gurn articles this weekend: here, here and here and we hope to publish more including a statement from Colin much later tonight/tomorrow morning. Also an article here on a Common Good issue in Forres.

Dial a bus users have a meeting in Croy on Tuesday night. See the poster here. You can use the bus to get there too. 

Thanks to Andrew for the picture shown above of the footpath next to the empty Sandancer building. He told the Gurn: “The rainfall on Saturday highlighted an area the council need to take a look at; namely the disused Fun Centre's guttering into the drainage system in Nairn harbour - it is flooding the walkway onto the promenade.”

Gurnites who have been following the Nairn County Fans Ground Improvement Fund initiatives may like to browse the following events coming up over the next three months. A chance to appear with Les in a “Dug out Photo 11”; NCFC Legends - Speakers Night in the Seaforth on Friday 26th July; Race Night 3rd August; a Concert inUnited Reform Church on the 4th August; a ladies lunch at the Classroom on the 25th of August and the supporters that will be going up BenNevis on the 1st of September are looking for sponsors and will be delighted to hear from you if you can pledge some cash. 

Unfortunately it turned out a very wet day for those taking part in the Nairnshire Challenge. As they were getting into their buses this morning for the journey up to the start line a cruise liner sailed past the other vessels out in the Firth - image here. It would have been a wet day for the passengers on that ship too once they disembarked at Invergordon. The rain was needed however but hopefully it will stop soon.  

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