Saturday, June 22, 2013

Nairn Sandown Lands 700k debt options for Thursday decision - " Do our councillors know or have they been kept in the dark?"

The Gurn has been seeking comment from our four Highland Councillors and the Community Council leaders on the controversial Sandown proposals being decided by Highland Council on Thursday. After that meeting, to be held in Inverness, it seems likely that Highland Council could end up having a pro rata share of the Sandown Lands transferred to them to pay off debts owed to the Council by Nairn Common Good Fund (Trustees the 80 Highland Council members). See previous Gurn article here for details on five options to be discussed.

As we state above we are seeking comment from Local Councillors. Rosemary Young, the Chair of West CC was immediately forthcoming with a statement. She told the Gurn: 

"I had some discussion with Michael Green who assured me that the Sandown lands were going to be included in some agricultural scheme to grow carrots and this would be an income for the Common Good. Nothing else was being considered. This is obviously not the case as discussions must have been taking place for several months over the other options. Do our councillors know or have they been kept in the dark."

The Gurn hopes to return to this topic later this evening. 


Mushroom said...

Or have the Councillor's been keeping us in the dark?

Anonymous said...

For what they dont know, they have the means and channels to find out.
Unfortunately, two of them are part of the ruling coalition and are therefore "bound" to act in their parties interest before those who elected them.
Remember, its not Highland Council's money, it is the TAXPAYERS.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, were any of the Councillors active when the original decisions were made?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 6.57
Liz and I will always act first and foremost for Nairnshire and the people of the Nairnshire.