Thursday, June 06, 2013

More manhole cover problems on the A96 in Nairn

Work is progressing now on the problem at the Rosebank Church hall that we highlighted yesterday but there are still several cones to negotiate on this busy junction that includes traffic lights.  On that thread one of our readers commented on manholes at the Tradespark Road Junction and at the roundabout junction with St Ninian Road. The first image is of a seemingly broken man hole cover at the A96 roundabout and the second of a cover near the junction with Tradespark Road. Also you still don't have to go far to find potholes on the A96 in Nairn, here's one on the roundabot in this image here. 


Anonymous said...

The cover with the hole in was reported by me several months ago. Traffic Scotland where you report it are a joke it took three months to fix the craters at the raigmore interchange slip road.

Anonymous said...

At least they have finally fixed the badly worn patch at the lochloy traffic lights