Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Any community groups fancy taking over the local public toilets?

In their austerity budget consultation survey the Highland Council state in item 7:

"The Council currently spends £1.16 million on running and cleaning 127 public toilets across Highland. 28 of these are run well by community groups or businesses supported by the Council through the Highland Comfort Grant Scheme. If community groups or businesses were to take over the running of some of the remaining toilets, this could save the Council up to £575,000. There may be some other grant schemes that could support communities to do this as well. 
We intend to encourage community groups or businesses to take over the running of some of the toilets in Highland. If communities cannot take on the running of their toilets the Council would need to consider closing some of these facilities. 

If some of these facilities were to close, what difference would this change make?"

In an earlier post we highlighted a question in the survey which could lead to parking charges in Nairn. If anyone is in any doubt that crunch time is just around the corner then they should go and have a look at the questions in the survey themselves - a lot is going to change soon, the Highland Council budget consultation survey is available here.


MURD said...

No names no pack drill but if the hat fits wear it.
At numerous public meetings I have attended the question comes up what can we do to help to improve the town. I have made suggestions where and when to meet but no one ever turns up so I just do what I can and have my actions recorder to prove it can be done FREE

Well now her's A golden opportunity for them to get stuck into.
{To use a quote often used for the good of the community}
And as I say every little helps!. If help was ever needed it is now

Anonymous said...

Perhaps some services should pass to common good funds. Term of lease of trailer park-also maintain block of toilets etc.

Anonymous said...

How about letting people do community service cleaning the loos,might be a big deterant from crime.

Anonymous said...

@anon 12:42

If it was such a big deterrent then there still wouldn't be anyone to clean the loos!