Tuesday, November 18, 2014

People who like Danny also like venison too apparently

There's been a spate of articles out there recently focussing on this YouGov profiling feature that lets you have a bit of fun. Click on the favourite dishes tab on this lifestyle page of YouGovers that like Danny Alexander MP and you can see how heavily venison features in their lifestyle for example.

Thanks to our regular reader who sent us this link. A quick flashback moment as this observer immediately thought of former Lib Dem Highland Councillor Oor Graham (Graham Marsden) and his call for Sainsbury's to stock local venison some time ago: "Graham's campaign for real venison in Sainsbury's Nairn" 
Meanwhile a Daily Telegraph article focuses on Danny's prospects in the forthcoming General Election in May 2015: "
"Danny Alexander 'will lose seat in 2015 unless there is a miracle turnaround' according to Lib Dem strategist." More here.  Still a week is a long time in politics and there is an eternity between now and May but looking tight for Danny according to the bookies and the Telegraph's source.