Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Forres Street Parade - one for Nairn to copy asp?

Thanks to the regular reader who forwarded the link to an imaginative site for Forres High Street:

"Forres Street Parade is a website designed to value the past, celebrate the present and draw the attention of a world-wide audience to its history, its architectural heritage, its commercial life and to the spirit of our Royal Burgh.

Both sides of Forres High Street and Tolbooth Street are depicted as end-to-end and roof-to-pavement vistas, with archive images of times past and narrative-panels presenting brief histories of present-day buildings. The website includes our growing number of video interviews with shop and business proprietors to give a sense of the personality behind the shop front. This is an ongoing development process which is being updated day-by-day."

How would we pay for this I hear someone out there saying? How about using some of the eventual Lidl/Home Bargains/pub/restaurant sweetener cash planning gain funds should that application be successful.


John Urquhart said...

Has anyone seen the touch screen tourist board outside Forres Tollboth. That's what we need.

ecin said...

Hope NICE don't see this, it'll spark at least half a dozen meetings

inspiration said...

The good folk of Forres certainly seem to know how to get things done

Anonymous said...

It would have to be maintained as well though. It would be good to have a central point of reference. Local charity and volunteer pages as well as guides to the remits and current projects of NICE, riverCC, common good fund, council, other bodies etc. (even murd ;) ) wouldn't go amiss

Anonymous said...

Just wondered how good Forres library is? Or Forres Service point? Or Forres police station? Or Forres Community Centre? Or Forres CAB? Or Forres Hospital? Etc Etc. Who on earth in Nairn would prefer Forres???

MURD said...

I think the one we have gone one better than Forres it appears to be a NO touch board.
{I did volunteer my every little bit helps but that got a knock back.}

can can said...

@ Anon 11:45

Och get a grip mon, even their footie team's better than oors