Friday, November 28, 2014

It's Black Friday - the day of the mega consumer hit - has anyone noticed?

It is really an American thing and an event that kicks off the Christmas shopping period but it is grabbing hold here. Apparently it can get really crazy over there and has a history of violence too - more on wikipedia. One of the local Sainsbury's folk is promoting this event in the retail calendar vigorously on social media. Here's George's take on it:

This observer might even go up but no doubt it will all be gone by the time I have a second cup of tea and a slice of toast.  Sainsbury's are obviously having a wee Black Friday gig - has anyone else in town got any special offers today?

UPDATE - reports of Zombie violence at stores elsewhere but all calm in Nairn. Fiona tells us Tradeway also have Black Friday reduced items. 


Anonymous said...

When, oh, when will people realise that they are been led by the nose and taken for a ride by retailers (and I don't just mean Sainsburys), not only for 'Black Friday' but for the whole of the Christmas period, ie September onwards?

This 'Black Friday' concept seems to appeal to, and often brings out, some of the more unsavoury aspects of human behaviour; greed, addiction, violence, along with stupidity and irrationality. And for what? To be drawn in by a ploy to make you spend money and for the retailers to make a profit - in some cases it's the only time of the year that they do!

Unknown said...

It honestly disgusts me the way people behave around these deals.

This is what happens when retailers do Black Friday deals:

It's at the point that they even have counters of those that have died in the US and that's only since 2006.

People being hurt for no reason. Personally I boycott all stores saying they have these deals on today as a way of stopping it spreading.

Anonymous said...

I just go in in the late afternoon,its easier to steal then,as staff are getting tired

Anonymous said...

I'm very proud to say I did not contribute one single penny to Black Friday!

David Shaw said...

Lidl and Aldi refuse to take part in Black Friday, they just offer good prices all year round. Bring on Lidl, Nairn.

Anonymous said...

I saved an absolute fortune on Black Friday.

I went to work and worked all day, Never spent a penny!