Friday, November 21, 2014

Culbin sands bridge thank you

One of our regular readers tells us: 

"Wondered if you could put a thank you on your page from all the walkers, dog walkers and runners who now have the benefit of a bridge to get to the beach from Kingsteps. I have attached a photo and would like to thank the person or people involved who kindly replaced the previous crossing which was removed by the high tides some time ago. Not the time of year to choose to get wet feet!"

This observer would think that Tom Wright, Morton Gillespie and Arthur Masson could be the targets for our regular reader's vote of thanks. Here's a previous Gurn article from earlier this year: " The Culbin Sands bridge disaster - March 2014 - Images and story by Morton Gillespie."


Anonymous said...

Excellent news. Hopefully will last longer then the last rebuild :)

Anonymous said...

Can I drive my car across it?

Morton Gillespie said...

Great news indeed - but I cannot take the credit for this latest development as I was not involved - intend to make some local enquiries to establish who the "new" bridge builders are

Morton Gillespie