Friday, November 21, 2014

Fox to inaugurate new Nairn SSP branch with promise to combat ‘slave wages’ and fuel poverty

Scottish Socialist Party leader Colin Fox will be in Nairn next week [Tuesday 25th November] to establish a new branch of the party. 

The former MSP and member of the ‘Yes Scotland’ Advisory Board told us the SSP has been ‘overwhelmed’ by interest from the Highlands since the referendum.

‘More than 2,500 people have applied to join the Scottish Socialist Party since September 18th’ he said ‘including hundreds from the Highlands. So I am delighted to be visiting Nairn Community Centre to meet local party members and establish a new branch. 

‘Making the case for Independence will clearly remain a central part of our work. But we will also press for a £10/hour living wage to combat ‘slave wages’ in the region and fight fuel poverty too. The Highlands are particularly badly hit in both regards. Wage rates here are amongst the lowest in the country while gas and electricity bills are among the highest. 

‘Scottish Government figures show 30% of households here are forced to choose between heating and eating. This is a disgraceful state of affairs and we believe Governments at Westminster and Holyrood are not doing enough to address the widespread hardship being suffered.

‘ The SSP believe it’s time everyone was paid a living wage of £10/hour and with winter fast approaching the SSP insists the provision of such an important utility can no longer be left at the discretion of private energy companies. This industry needs to be returned to public ownership a demand no other party is prepared to make.’


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