Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Jonny Gould's Soccermongery "Another trip to Nairn County shows what football's about" - a must read piece by the soccer broadacster

The Sky News broadcaster, Wee County fan, and soccer pundit Jonny Gould really catches the atmosphere of Station Park  in his piece here "Another trip to Nairn County shows what football's about". 

To this observer he also distils onto his digital pages what our community is all about, the  bond between the club and the community over the last hundred years is well documented in the book of the club's history by Donald Wilson, Bill Logan and Graeme Macleod - an ideal Christmas gift by the way if you know anyone who hasn't seen a copy yet.  Jonny just about puts the essence of that connection into words. 

Give yourself a treat and read Jonny's impressions of his visit to Nairn and Station Park.