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Update on Alistair Wilson murder investigation - 10 years on

Police Scotland has provided an update on the murder inquiry into the fatal shooting of Alistair Wilson nearly ten years ago in Nairn.

Alistair, 30, a married father of two children who worked as a local business banking manager, was shot dead on the doorstep of his home in Crescent Road, Nairn, on November 28, 2004.

Since then extensive police inquiries have been conducted to establish the person or persons responsible for his murder. To date, no-one has been arrested and charged with his murder.

Under the new procedures introduced by Police Scotland, the case is the subject to a homicide governance review, which is looking at previous investigation strands to ascertain if all possible lines of inquiry have been thoroughly exhausted.

Detective Chief Superintendent Gary Flannigan, of the Specialist Crime Division Major Investigation Team, has overseen the strategic review.

He said: "Ten years on from his death, Alistair’s murder remains unsolved. Police Scotland is determined to ensure that every possible avenue has been explored in our continued efforts to find answers for Alistair’s family and friends and to bring whoever was involved in his murder to justice.

"Over the course of a decade, detectives have worked tirelessly using a wide range of methodologies, seeking expert help from throughout the UK and considering advances in forensic science all in an effort to help detect this highly unusual crime.

"We will continue to appeal to anyone who has information to come forward. Despite media appeals throughout the past ten years at times appropriate to our investigative strategy, playing an important part in helping us generate information, no new critical information has emerged at this time.

"While the information coming to us has slowed down, I know that someone somewhere knows exactly how and why Alistair was shot. Unsolved homicides are never closed; they remain open in the hope that the vital piece of evidence surfaces to help bring the investigation to a conclusion.

"Somebody out there knows something or perhaps suspects they know why Alistair was murdered. It’s not too late to come forward, and for the sake of Alistair’s family I’d appeal to you to pick up the phone.

"All unsolved homicides are subject to review and this case is no different. One of the key aims in the introduction of Police Scotland was to increase access to specialist services and detectives who have a vast array of investigative skills and experience that can be deployed.

Police Scotland took on responsibility for a number of unsolved and unresolved homicides in April 2013 and it is only right that we subject those cases to scrutiny and review to provide answers for victims’ families and bring those responsible to justice.”

Chief Superintendent Julian Innes, Local Police Commander for Highlands and Islands Division, said:

"The murder of Alistair Wilson remains an active and ongoing enquiry. As a result of becoming Police Scotland, the Highlands and Islands Division has had greater access to specialist support and that’s being used to progress this investigation.

"We are all committed to bringing Alistair’s killer to justice. The support shown by the local community has been there from the start and remains as the impact of this dreadful crime is still felt. I remain hopeful that someone will have the vital piece of information that can make a difference.

"Crimes of this type are rare in the Highlands and Islands as indeed they are across Scotland. We are absolutely committed to working with our community planning partners to keep our communities safe.”

Additional information:

Since the start of the inquiry, the police have taken more than 4,100 statements; 2,700 productions held; 11,000 actions raised as a result of investigations.

A £5000 reward, through the independent crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers, remains available for information passed to the charity’s anonymous 0800 555 111 number that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for this crime.

The Wilson family has released a statement to media. The family has intimated they do not wish to speak to the media at this time.

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