Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Illegal occupation of disabled parking spaces – Dick Youngson speaks out

The parking situation is regularly discussed at Community Council meetings and as the interregnum between police control of parking and the take up of the responsibility by Highland Council continues the situation is apparently worsening in town. 

Dick said at last week’s community council meeting in Nairn Academy:

“Disabled parking: because we haven’t really got a traffic warden and we haven’t got police that are on the beat we find that there are a lot of disabled car spaces are being illegally occupied. We’re getting lots of complaints from people that need to park there so they can get out and then walk to where they want to go. We’re getting a lot of vans, delivery vans, that are parking up on the pavement and again people that are disabled, or their sight is terrible, they find it very difficult negotiating round all of these vehicles. These are the same vehicles that are causing quite a lot of pavement damage to the lock-blocking. It is really getting quite serious in Nairn with the misuse of parking space.”