Saturday, November 01, 2014

Granny Barbour’s Road to become Granny Barbour's Dead End

Earlier this week at the Westies/Subbies joint CC meeting in Nairn Academy Dick Youngson gave a report of the Community Councils latest meeting with Transport Scotland and the government body's consultatants. Murd Dunbar was quick to ask a question when Dick opened discussion, he said:

“I see on the drawings, I know it is not hard fast in stone, but Granny Barbour’s Road appears to be cut off. There’s not going to be a crossing at Granny Barbour’s. That’s going to leave that industrial site that is up there on the Nairn side. All that heavy traffic is still going to go through Nairn or come into Nairn to get up there. I think they should make an underpass or an overpass.”

Dick replied: “they discussed that at length and it would be cut off. Yes? [...] We went through all these points that everybody had raised and they really reached the same conclusion.”

Murd added: “I thought someone may have drawn a line through the road and never realised the consequences of what they were drawing.”

Dick came back again: “No it was quite intentional, that was the route.”


Anonymous said...

I hope they remember to put the new cemetery on this side of the new road!!

Anonymous said...

Your dead right Anonymous