Monday, November 10, 2014

Gurn exclusive - positive information on the Castle lane information board from Sheena Baker

" I’ve spotted the various queries re the empty board in Castle Square and have taken it on myself to get things moving.

Back in Louise Clark's time the structure was ordered as was a town street map that is specifically for part of the display.

I have contacted Liz Cowie by e-mail and copied Louise in to try and see if we can do some sleuthing to ascertain where the map is lurking.

Next point. William Wordie from Redmayne Bentley off Castle Square kindly offered, at the Nairn Economic Initiative in August, to keep a key for the information boards once they are ready to use.

He made the point to me to-day when I re-checked this is still OK with him that there would have needed to be a period of time for the concrete to set before people started using it.

I hope that this will allay the various queries made by the many interested townsfolk and that we will soon see it being used."

Well done Sheena, hope your efforts pay off. 

UPDATE 19.27 11/11/14 Further info received from Sheena, she told us: 

"Michael Green helpfully responded to my e-mail yesterday and advised:

“The plan is for each board to be delegated to its respective Community Council, in this case River, who will oversee its management. They are having a meeting tonight to mandate themselves to take over the management of the boards and once that goes ahead we will hand control over to them”

The other info I received is that it is a network Access map of Nairn that is supposedly hiding somewhere waiting to be displayed. I think the wheels are now in motion and hopefully the info board will be just that soon."