Monday, December 19, 2011

Graham's campaign for real venison in Sainsbury's Nairn

Oor Graham (aka Cllr Marsden) tells the Gurn that he has been campaigning to get "real venison" on the shelves at Sainsbury's. He added that sales of venison are important to jobs in the Highlands and also to the Scottish economy. So far he has tried to push his point via both the local manager and the national feedback department at the supermarket but wonders if Gurnshire could put a little pressure on too?
Graham says that processed venison and burgers are available but not "real venison". C'mon Sainsbury's let's have some for those that want it. This autumn this observer was in Ireland and remembers one supermarket chain "Supavalu" that showed charts of how many products produced in Ireland they sold as a percentage of their total sales. Maybe supermarkets trading in Scotland could start doing the same?