Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Valuable community land at Tradespark

The Nairnshire Mirror article above of November 18th 1848 has a familiar ring to it. Unlike Sandown, which went out under a single lease, it looks like Tradespark had been subdivided up into smallholdings by the Nairn Friendly Society of Trades under a 95 year lease in 1766. Maybe that's what we should do with Sandown today, some small holdings perhaps, and some for the Trades, that is to say local tradesman and companies who could all build a few houses each instead of one large scheme?

Sorry for the poor quality of the image, it is in fact a digital image taken with a camera of how the microfilm shows up on a PC screen.

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growtosow said...

thats how tradespark got its name, because of all the tradesfolk who were about at that time. with regards to building housing on the sandown ground, what about something like kevin Mcleod did would this work for our town? the ground was left for the common good of the town so why not use it for that purpose.