Friday, December 09, 2011

Could the town follow Auldearn?

This week the Nairnshire reported: "Auldearn Community Council Chairman Roger Milton is urging villagers to channel their ideas for improving the social and material welfare of the village through the community council."

Auldearn CC have already had some success in that direction and I'm sure gurnites will wish them all the best for future projects. Could we do the same in Nairn? Not easy with three seperate community councils is it? Who benefits from that apart from the Invercentrics?

Two of our town organisations Suburban and West wanted a single CC for the town and those that made representations to the Council plus those who bothered to vote on the Gurn's poll and for the suburban survey two years ago clearly showed that they wanted a Single council for the Royal Burgh. They were frustrated however by Highland Council who refused to deliver what public opinion clearly showed was needed for the town.

Now there is a forum for all the three community councils to meet a few times a year. Can this forum step up to the mark and deliver a framework where the town too, could have something that could deliver the channeling of ideas for improving the social and material welfare of the town? Will that happen or will we just have another talking shop that goes round in circles?

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Anonymous said...

Simple answer no. I have no faith in democracy in the UK, until we adopt the Swizz system where local people have a bigger say than someone sitting in a desk in Inverness Council.