Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Turds, broken bottles and graffiti

River CC discussed the dog poo situation this evening and Sheila Mayer reported that the Prom once again is becoming a winter brown strip. It was a conversation that has been had in previous years and other CCs in Nairn discuss this subject with depressing regularity too. Present also were Liz and Graham for the Highland Council and Louise Clark too who was the official responsible for getting this first meeting of River CC underway up to the point where the new chair was elected. Louise told the meeting the council was aware of the problem and had made efforts to clean it up. It was also reported that the dog warden was also taking action. Graham Marsden told the Gurn that he was going away to find out if Highland Council could up the dog-fouling fine from its present £50. The serial offenders obviously feel that the slight risk of suffering a fifty note hit to the pocket is well worth the risk.
There were also calls for action on broken bottles in the children's play area on the links and also on graffiti that has been appearing up the Riverside.

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Joe said...

Blah Blah Blah...same old story and same old problem. As I have often pointed out in the past, if dog owners were made to keep their dogs on lead or under close control within surfaced path areas such as the prom and riverside then there would be no excuse for not picking up the turds! It would also help the wildlife during nesting time when many of the ducks nest along the riverbank.
With extendable leads, there's no excuse for not being in control of your pooch. As for the broken bottles and graffiti, I recall Cllr Marsdens first election poster where he was going to clean up the bottle and graffiti problem at the railway bridge, a photo of him with the bottles and graffiti !
Never happened of course, I suppose he could use the same election poster again this time !