Monday, December 19, 2011

Moray wants Nairn?

Thanks to the regular gurnite who sent us a link to a very interesting nugget or two of information. "Will Nairn voters have their ballot papers counted in Elgin?" Asks our correspondent.
There's a Moray Council meeting tomorrow (Tues 20th Dec) and on the agenda are the proposed options for boundary changes to Westminster Constituencies. Here's what a report recommends to the full council:

"It is welcomed that the whole Moray local authority area is wholly contained within one constituency. However it is suggested that the resurrection of a Moray and Nairn constituency may be more beneficial in the interests of the electorate who may share commonality in local issues faced along the coast and A96 corridor. In addition the suggestion of a Moray and Nairn constituency would pose less risk to the elections administration process by lessening the geographical and logistical impact."

More here. What next, will we be wooed to go in with Moray Council at local government too? A promise perhaps of more freedom with the housekeeping money - including the Common Good? What a thought, would we be better off dumping Inverness for Elgin? In the sidebar the Gurn is running a poll on the Westminster options. Last night it was running approx 5 to 1 in favour of Moray but during the daytime hours a lot of votes came in the other way, now it is climbing back towards evens.


Anonymous said...

Err... before we even think of leaping our neighbours in Forres are suffering from common good land sell off by their council as well. Seems it's an asset up for grabs in many places

fingers crossed said...

Please don't move the political boundaries, I really, really want to vote for Danny again