Monday, December 12, 2011

Mike Robb wants Devolution Max

Remember Mike Robb? He was the Labour candidate against Danny at the last Westminster election. Who knows, perhaps he'll get another run out soon if the coalition continues to go the way it is going? Anyway, at a time when the latest polls are showing the SNP even further ahead in the polls than they were in May the Labour mannie gets his head round the fact that they were given a bloody nose by the SNP:

"The SNP out spent, out organised and out campaigned us, and continue to do so. To deal with that, we need to do way more than just re-organise the constituency party deck chairs. We need a policy programme that enthuses people in Scotland about what Labour will do for them."

Just what could Labour do for Scotland? Perhaps someone has ideas on that, this observer is at a bit of a loss to come up with something. Anyway Mike even contemplates an Independent Scotland:
"Whether we like it or not, we are heading towards an independence referendum. We need to work out what we want to achieve from that. Are we just about winning a majority “no” vote, or are we brave enough to use the coming debate to make the case for our own vision of a confident and self reliant 21st century Scotland? Do we think devolution has gone far enough or do we want to make a Labour case for more? If Scotland votes for independence, what will people want an Independent Scottish Labour Party to do for them?"

Mike shows us clearly where he is heading however and his thoughts just demonstrate how far Scottish politics have shifted now. If you want the support of the Scottish electorate then is it all about how close you place yourself to SNP policy in order to achieve that? Mike will obviously be needing a third option on the referendum ballot paper:

"Personally, I think we should be arguing the case for “devolution max” with left of centre policies that work in a Scottish context and are based on much more control of the economic levers. We need to recognise the strengths of being part of the UK, but not be afraid to argue for distinctive, Scottish politics. Politics that the rest of the UK might look at and say “can we have some of that too please" "

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